convenience is paramount in japan; homes within 20 minutes of a train station command twice the price of those not; there are more vending machines than short people and convenience stores like 7-11, Circle K, Heart In, Family Mart  are within touching distance of one another.

convenience counts in the steamy world of plea$ureXXX as well. according to flyers posted all over the place many of these escort girls travel to your home or hotel, delivered like take-out food, given the name ディリベリ ヘルス、which is japanese sounding out of the english "delivery health" = the above services, delivered.

no foreigners know exactly what happens in the world of deli-health, as this is a closed club, strictly members only, and those members are all japanese. In fact the only english the japimps running these places know "Jaahpaneez Onuree" = "Japanese Only" which they blurt out as foreign eyes make  contact. which = any language.

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