hi. let's talk about links to other sites of interest about japan:

japundit news & info aggregator

kotaku gawker group gaming 

danny choo one-man japan show; storm trooper guy; may outdo famous dad.

jean snow erudite & artistic; not 100% sure how to pronounce first name.

japan probe news, pics & commentary

gaijin pot forums & mayhem

why not japan? int'l mixer makers

digital world tokyo tech gadgets & gear 

mike's blender  veteran w/ hi-quality site

otaku hime  cool chick with groovy blog

patrick macias  pop culture impresario


néojaponisme smartfaggery, with an accent aigu.

anime news network


kyoto machiya

sugimoto residence kyomachiya

machiyahouse (machiya rental)

kyoto foodie

how to teach english in japan stories, links, how-to (like the man says)

MES English  great selection of free teaching materials, lesson ideas

japanzine good free gaijin mag; published japandemic photos; yet to list us in Best of Web issue out of fear.


n.b.: Links below this line look funny because the linked demand I surgically insert their HTML code into my page, and my many failings as a computer programmer leave me w/ no idea how to control what they look like to the eye.  Just ignore them.

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